Beach Scenes From Cayo Zapatilla, Bocas del Toro

It had been far too long since I peeked below the sea! In Nicaragua I practiced riding the waves but I really longed to be below them, or peering under them, at the world of activity we rarely see. While staying at the Dolphin Bay Hideway on Isla San Cristobal, I joined a tour to Zapatilla Island. We stopped at Coral Cay and here I was reintroduced to the corals, the eels, the sea urchins and the jellies. I am glad no one can see me when I am under the sea for I surely have a goofy smile plastered across my face with each new creature discovery. It didn’t take too long for me to be shivering. I was short on calories and sleep but couldn’t resist an underwater tour. Next stop Zapatilla Island Major for sun and sand and warmth. It is the high season here in Bocas del Toro, and we arrived mid-day to find a pristine beach lined with tour boats and an abundant sampling of humanoids. They were all quite busy entertaining themselves on the beautiful Island. Snorkeling, sun bathing, cruising, photographing, the shores were alive with color and activity. The islands are part of the Bastimentos Island National Park. Don’t miss this stunning protected park. I took a walk along the shores in the sunshine and found some wonderful beach finds. DBZI-2 DBZI-3 DBZI-4 DBZI-5 DBZI-6 DBZI-7 DBZI-8 DBZI-9 DBZI-20

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