Mother Nature’s Art Gallery at Finca Dracula

There is an ongoing gallery exhibition happening right now in the Chiriqui Highlands. To access the gallery you must first pass through a wrought iron gate and venture across a bridge over a scenic jungle river. Continue walking up a gravel road past trees bursting with foot long angel’s trumpets and vines laden with vibrant red pods. Upon reaching the winding garden paths, follow them down to the ponds, stepping below giant leaves, umbrella ferns, and varieties of flowers in sizes and colors never before encountered. Weave your way up to the office to find your host. Here you will be shown to the Orchid Gallery with its rotating collection of Orchids in bloom. The gallery changes weekly as new plants unfurl their annual flower. And with over 2000 varieties to choose from Finca Dracula will keep you coming back for more introductions to these rare, colorful, and delicate beauties.

Hybrid Jungle Bells Species Bictoniense Cordatta X Macranthum Wubbenni Fly Trap Cristatellum Ibiza Masdevallia Oriole Prince Charming Carpinterae Maduroi Swertifolium Amethyst Rice Queen Phragmepedium Practiflexa

To see more images of the Orchids of Finca Dracula visit my gallery here.

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