Stairs to the tower at Malahide Castle and Gardens

Round Ireland with My Camera

It was fall in Seattle, a long long time ago. I met my friend Brian at a Seattle pub to hear tales from his trip to Ireland. I remember looking at his photos and wishing I could go. Not long afterwards, a friend loaned me a copy of a book titled Round Ireland with a fridge. I giggled my way through it while visualizing the characters and the scenery.

It was fall in Nicaragua and I was planning a trip to see my Auntie across the big pond in the UK. I had been blogging for WanderlustandLipstick and developing ideas for a blog on Homes. TBEX – a gathering of travel bloggers/writers/new media creators – was taking place in Dublin. I waffled and worried and wondered should I? could I go?

And go I did.

I am enchanted with Ireland. The people, the history, the culture, the lore. How fitting to be greeted at the airport by The Faces of Ireland, a project by photographer Kevin Abosch, celebrating the citizens as art. It is the people of Ireland who give it a certain spark. Then again the scenery, the architecture, the food, the music, the castles, the shores, all do their part adding to the magic and the draw.

I am forever attracted to islands. Ireland beckons me to explore some more. Drives along the coast, country homes, cliffs, and rolling hills. There are more delightful conversations, castles, and captures waiting for me. Next time I will go round Ireland with my camera. For now, here are a few scenes in and around Dublin and North along the coast to Malahide for castle culture:

Home to the Lord Mayor of Dublin, the Mansion House

Mansard roofs, towers, and streetlightsStairs to the tower at Malahide Castle and GardensThe Cemetery at Malahide Castle and Gardens Sunshine on a Building Facade in Malahide The North Coast of Dublin Rainy Day at the Shipping Yard in Dublin Bike Parking on Grafton Street in Dublin Shopping in Dublin on Grafton Street

3 thoughts on “Round Ireland with My Camera

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  2. Louise I am Joe we met at the Vat House Hotel Blooms and shared a whiskey. I just want to say that i enjoy your photography and hope that someday you will travel to Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas and shoot some photos

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