Heart shaped clouds in the skies over the Laguna de Apoyo

Cooling in a Crater Lake at Apoyo Lodge

It was hot. Again. I was melting. There were two things running through my head. Swimming and ice-cream. Lucky for me, both were in my near future. I was waiting for my ride to Laguna de Apoyo, sitting by my fan, considering my flavor craving today.

Chocolate. No big leaps from the usual. A retro boxy SUV type truck parked across the street. Bags loaded up and we are off, on another nicaraguan dirt road through the jungle, mud and puddle lakes washed out, detour on the beach, hang onto your hat adventure ride.

Humidity thickened, thunder rolled and crashed, the rains began. Wet is wet. I headed for the Laguna. Misty waters, the smell of sulfur, a vast sunken (cavernous) pool, jungle walls rising to meet the skies. Solitude. Quietude. Peace. Warm and cold flows. Me floating on my back, keeping an eye out for lightning. Raindrops splashing all around. After the rain subsided, pink sunsets, rainbows, and golden hillsides filled my view. Just another magical, mystical gem here in Nicaragua.

Apoyo Lodge on the shores of Laguna de Apoyo, a peaceful place to retreatHeart shaped clouds in the skies over the Laguna de ApoyoShana poses on the yoga deck at Apoyo LodgePaddle Practic in Laguna de ApoyoA place for meditation at Apoyo Lodge

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