Professor Petroglyph on Ometepe Island

I had to spend a little more time on Ometepe Island before leaving Nicaragua, there was another Volcano to climb. But first I was introduced to a sampling of the Petroglyphs by the Petroglyph Professor (Señor Hamilton) and a very exuberant traveler with a passion for Archeology. My favorite is the one pictured below of a birth. This petroglyph can be found on Finca El Porvenir, a lovely farm with many of these finds. Petro-8We went on a bit of a bushwhack through the jungle near Professor Hamilton’s home village. We got lost and started going in circles. I walked into an angry wasp and we met some angry stinging plants. The trail had become overgrown from lack of use. But we found this and felt special.



Petro-7This natural well had many carved stones with ridges for washing.

Petro-4The Professor documents the wear and tear of the carvings.

Petro-2Another favorite of royalty. A short walk up the road from Finca El Porvenir.


4 thoughts on “Professor Petroglyph on Ometepe Island

  1. I am both enamored and disappointed.
    because these photographs illuminate a world not presently available to me. I have enjoyed every one of your photographs–not only this post, but all of them.
    because–if I read your post correctly–you are leaving Nicaragua. Honestly, you have whetted my interest so much that I am not ready to leave yet!

    Wherever are you headed?

    I remain, as so may others, your fan.

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