Nicaraguan Dog Tales ~ Part 2

I saw them. A pack of people walking down the street, in their blue pajamas. And I knew. World Vets was in town. I almost turned around to ask “what can I do to help”. Then figured I would be seeing them again soon. Blue pajamaed people tend to stand out.

Two days later on a tiny Island I met Doctor Deb at a yoga in the isletas and jungle get-away. I organized to visit the World Vets Granada Center on Calle Santa Lucia to photograph a day of spay and neutering with the Vets and Techs in action.

It was an intense fully packed couple of hours of photographing. That day alone World Vets worked on over 30 dogs. The night before the surgeries Doctor Lester and his team collected the dogs from various Barrios in and around Granada town. At the end of a full day of surgeries and recovery, the lucky babes will be delivered to their homes, babes without more babies to keep the starving populations down. The Vet and Techs work long hours, the environment is professional, and the management efficient and effective. Dogs are collected, vet techs have them prepped, surgeries are fully assisted and performed in sanitary conditions, and patients are monitored closely during recovery.

Thank-you to World Vets for all that you do. Scroll down for links to donation pages or to find out how you can become a part of the World Vets Team.

A photo documentary of a day at the world vets clinic in Granada, Nicaragua WVLL-2 WVLL-3 WVLL-4 WVLL-5 WVLL-6 WVLL-8 WVLL-9 WVLL-10 WVLL-11 WVLL-12 WVLL-13 WVLL-14 WVLL-15 WVLL-16 WVLL-17 WVLL-18 WVLL-19 WVLL-20

Visit this link to make a cash donation.  Or if you are a Vet, a Vet Tech, or a Veterinary Assistant, find out more about joining one of their field teams here.

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