Out for a Walk, Colors, Women, Granada, Nicaragua, Doors, Stripes, Backgrounds, Street Photography

There She Was Just a Walking Down the Street

The first thing I noticed was the light in her eyes and her warm smile. Then her carefully, neatly styled do. Where was she going? Her steps had a rhythm and her stride was unfaltering. When I continued on my way and crossed the street, I glanced over and saw the way her blue stripes contrasted so beautifully with every surface she passed by. I followed her. Running to catch up at times. What color is your background? I think for this fast cruising, sure footed beauty, cream is my favorite.

Out For A Walk, Granada, Nicaragua, Colors, Background, Stripes, People, Street Photography

Out4AWalk-3 Out4AWalk-4 Out4AWalk-5 Out4AWalk-6 Out4AWalk

3 thoughts on “There She Was Just a Walking Down the Street

  1. An oh-shit-oh-dear moment. I wrote you a long comment about the memories these pictures evoked, then lost them all while I googled the correct spelling of “Tlaquepaque .”

  2. These pale bones
    tired and proud
    these weathered hands
    that gave so much

    generations depend
    on strong women
    who don’t let go
    in stony times.

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