Good-morning Granada!






Have you ever owned a chicken? Have you ever watched a chicken lay an egg or a rooster crow? It is amazing to me to see this small animal reach deep into the depths of that place buried within the fluff and feathers and gather up the might to let it out. Their bodies convulse and contort beyond your imagination. And either a loud deep belt it out announcement or a beautiful and so very perfect egg pops out.

Here in Nicaragua, the roosters crow all. day. long. It does seem to start in the morning, only because that is when my day begins but I am certain I hear them throughout the night in my dreams. I relish waking up early, to beat the heat, to watch the bustle of the city begin. I like waking up to the sounds of the creatures stirring. Not all would agree.

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3 thoughts on “Good-morning Granada!

  1. That crowing rooster pic is awesome. I, like most folks, have heard them on-and-off throughout my life. As a kid I lived on a farm and heard them often. But when have we ever actually seen them crowing?

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