In My Backyard: A Zoologico

In the house I live in, there is a small zoo. We aren’t all in cages. We play together in the garden all day long. Inside is outside. The gardens are on the inside and so is the shade. Chickens and ducks, and turtles, and dogs, parrots, toucans and cats. All get along quite nicely. For now.

Granada, Nicaragua, Outside, Inside, Gardens, Homes, Wildlife, Animals, Chickens, Toucans, Birds, Turtles, Ducks Zoo-2 Zoo-3 Zoo-4 Zoo-5 Zoo-6 Zoo-7 Zoo-8 Zoo-9 Zoo-10 Zoo-11 Zoo-12

nicely. For now.

2 thoughts on “In My Backyard: A Zoologico

  1. First, this series reminded me of my earliest life memories in Hells Canyon. I still have a tiny rock I found in the chicken yard. Then my memory leaped to my week on Rapa Nui [Easter Island] where chickens walked in and out of my room.

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