Monkeys & Breezes……A Few of My Favorite Things

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Signs of Spring and The Sea


Mountains and Trees


Beautiful Light Creeping In and Things That Make Breezes

Monkey House Surf Hostel sits on the point between Playa Gigante and Playa Amarillo. You will be treated to 270 degree vistas of the ocean, the mountains, and the jungle. Your host is Olivier Soliz, pro surfer and surf instructor extraordinaire. Climb down the path leading to Amarillo Beach, hop over the rocks and dive into the water. I had a perfect day of surfing and plenty of time swinging in the hammocks. Get in touch with your inner monkey. Visit Monkey House Hostel on Facebook HERE.

2 thoughts on “Monkeys & Breezes……A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. Well thank goodness for that! Your photos in this recent post inspired me to say things that perhaps I should not have said, carried away such as I was. And so I may leave this much more appropriate post, yet still laud your artistry as I had intended.

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