Beth Lakier, Run, Running, Chicago, Fleetfeet Chicago, Chicago Lakefront, Runner

Run. For Runners & People Everywhere.

Run, Running, Athletes, Sprinting, Chicago, Nike Chicago, Lakefront

Beth Lakier, Kristen Horvat, Beth Engel Chenoweth along Chicago’s Lakefront

Been feeling so off kilter today. After the news yesterday. I saw the news and suddenly realized my sister who runs Chicago and then Boston consecutively year after year, could be there. Had a bit of a scare. I wasn’t sure. I saw a little green light by her name online and with a quick chat learned she was alright. I won’t ask why. People are killed by bombs and weapons and tragedy all over the world every day. Every life has value. But running. Runners from all over the world were attending. Running is that sacred space. So benign. So personal. And so a poem. About running. And if you feel so inclined. Tell me what running means for you.

Run. Run away. Run towards. Run.

Run because you can’t sit still.

Run because it is free. Run free.

Run to get there. Run to return.

Run to measure. The distance. The increase.

Run for the rewards. The awards. The achievements.

Run for the scenery and the experience.

Run to be in the trees.

Run to move with the city.

Run because you can.

Run to reach it. To touch it. To feel it.

Run to make your heart beat faster.

Run to slow down. Run to breathe.

Run to follow the footprints.

Run to forge new paths. And new friendships.

Run to touch the earth.

Run to reach the sky and the moon and the stars.

Run until you realize it.

Run until it is solved.

Run to reflect and to ponder upon while you run.

Run to dodge.

Run wild. Run around it.

Run like the wind. In the wind. And against it.

Run strong.

Run to keep moving. And flowing. And going.

Run because there are places and spaces. And challenges. Ahead. Unseen.

Run because it comes naturally.

Run until the end. And then again. And again.

Run because you can reach it.

Run because there is. No. Finish line.

Run. Because there is no stopping. You.

Run. Because.

Imbetween the breathes and the footsteps.

There is peace.


Beth Lakier, Run, Running, Chicago, Fleetfeet Chicago, Chicago Lakefront, Runner

Beth Lakier Chicago Runner

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