Behind the Scenes with SASY! Spay and Neuter Clinic Nicaragua

I happened to be on site at the Finca Genizaro while a SASY! Nicaragua Spay and Neuter Clinic was taking place. The dedicated team of doctors, nurses and admin were set up for operations in one of the stables. SASY! has been working in Nicaragua now for four years. SASY! stands for Stop Animal Suffering Yes! I reached out to Francesca Radics de Solomon, the Co Founder of SASY!, with some questions about the organization and the event as the team was kept busy with patients and things were quite likely to be lost in translation. This clinic successfully treated 16 female dogs, 2 male dogs, and 2 cats.

It was my first time witnessing a surgery this closely on another being. I faint when I have blood drawn and can’t bare to see animals in pain. Somehow actively photographing made being present for this much easier. I experienced first hand exactly why an empty stomach is a requirement before surgery. One little dogs bloated intestines made it very challenging for the doctor to find the fated parts. The doctor took great care to ensure the animals were adequately anesthetized before operating. The cats and dogs were prodded and poked until they were clearly not responding. After the surgery the animals were moved to cushions and covered to keep away the flies until they could go home or to a foster home for a 3 day recovery. SASY! either tries to find them a permanent home or they go back to life on the streets, but atleast now without reproducing.

Volunteers and donors can help raise funding by donating gifts for a silent auction coming up in 2014. Or by contacting SASY! to sponsor an operation or foster a dog during recovery. The clinics costs $10. SASY! funds go towards strays and pick up what the poor cannot pay. Visit their website here.

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