Stick your neck out and be in a drip.

I wanted to squeeze in with them but I just wouldn’t fit. Turtles are actually harder to photograph than you might think. I was fascinated by their lumpy feet, the way they blink, and the way their eyeball matches their stripey pattern. And their pretty colors. They didn’t like the sound of the shutter. It caused them to duck or retract every time.

A Turtle Poem by John Ciardi

“I am Home,” Said the Turtle

“I am home,” said the turtle, as it pulled in its head

And its feet, and its tail. “I am home, and in bed.

“No matter what inches and inches I roam,

When the long day is done, I am always at home.

 “I may go whole feet . . . even yards . . . in a day,

But I never get lost, for I’m never away

 “From my snug little house and my snug little bed.

Try being a turtle! – That’s using your head!

 “You can go on forever, no matter how far,

And whatever you need is wherever you are!”

 (“Is there one thing I miss when I’m snuggled in tight?

Yes: there’s no room for someone to kiss me good night.”)




Tortugas, Pond, Shower, Cool, Sugmerged, Neck, Turtle, Wet


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