Airborn: A Day in the Life, A Nicaraguan Adoption & Family Photo Session

I met Ashley Watkins and Sofia over waffles appropriately. Mine, chocolate, of course, and theirs, pecan. We sat side by side at an outside table at Kathy’s Waffle House in Granada. Ashley was fixing up Sofia’s waffle with lots of syrup and gobs of butter, it looked good, so I copied her lead. Sofia is quite adorable but small for a two year old. Ashley explained she is in Granada to adopt this beautiful girl into her family. Sofia had come to the adoption agency malnourished, so Ashley makes sure every bite comes with plenty of calories. It is a long waiting process for the papers to finalize here in Nicaragua, and the actual length of time is unknown. Ashley was here alone with her daughter but in the next weeks, she would have a full house of guests as family members came down to meet their new relative. Her husband Todd, son Will, and mother would stay on with her, before a changing of the guard. The two parents change places from month to month to keep life moving along with jobs and school at home in Tennessee until they can all be home, together, permanently.

I was honored to spend time photographing ‘A Day In The Life’ with this beautiful family. Will was born in Guatemala, and Sofia, here in Nicaragua. We hit up some favorite spots and then ended with everyone jumping up and down and around in their jammies before bed. I can’t help smiling every time I look at this series of images from a spontaneous few minutes in the park. You can just feel the joy, the happiness, and the love. Congratulations Ashley, Todd, Will, and Sofia! I look forward to celebrating finalized papers over waffles and butter and syrup with you soon!

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