Fisher Village, El Gigante, The Party Wave, Nicaragua, Central America

Home Is Wherever You Are ~ El Gigante, Nicaragua

Fisher Village, El Gigante, The Party Wave, Nicaragua, Central AmericaLife as a gypsy is filled with freedom. The world is a boundless sea of opportunity.  There is an endless bounty of places to roam and get to know. I’ve lived the life of stability, owned a home filled with colorful creatures and created architectural features there of my own, worked the corporate job going back and forth daily from point A to point B. But restlessness always overcame me. And I am so excited to now call the world my home while I follow a path that is not rigid but flowing with an outline of a plan not set into stone. Perhaps I will be drawn back to the country where my life began (South Africa) or another location will envelop me and my wanderlust will wain. At the moment ‘home base’ is a safe place for my suitcase.  It is the place where the night time dreams happen, because these dreams are alive and as real in the daylight. I am very interested to discover on my travels what it is that makes a place feel like home.

The Party Wave in El Gigante, a small fisher village along a beautiful stretch of beach,  was home to me for three weeks upon my arrival in Nicaragua. The Party Wave is the spot for connection to the World Wide Web on the strip. And the Iced Vietnamese Coffees served here are addicting. In front of me was a window into fishing life with the Panga’s parked in the ‘back yard’. Family and community appeared from doorways or restaurants or beachfront walks to help roll the boats in and out of the water. Sunsets and clear starry nights were framed by hammocks and thatch. Sunlight moved around the patio space highlighting the Party Wave mural and the colorful walls. Dogs, chickens, and children wandered through. Construction began right outside my bedroom window soon after I settled in, serendipitously introducing me to the materials, means and methods of the area. The Party Wave is a hub of activity. The room was small and meant only for sleeping, the patio was the living room, the beach, my track, and the sea, my swimming pool.

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