Sunrise, On the Beach, The Treehouse, El Gigante, La Playa, Nicaragua

In My Backyard ~ The Neighborhood

Sunrise, On the Beach, The Treehouse, El Gigante, La Playa, NicaraguaSunrise on the playa in El Gigante rising above the Treehouse at the far end of the beach. Soon to be featured on

The Party Wave, El Gigante, Nicaragua, Beach Life, Fisher Village, Surf Town, Surfing, Internet, Cafe, Cyber, Central AmericaThe second place I stayed in El Gigante, an internet/coffee shop on the beach. The sound of the waves crashing lulled me to sleep. If you want good coffee, time online, and something sweet to eat, The Party Wave has it.

Restaurants, Places to Stay, El Gigante, Nicaragua, Central America, Surfing, Beach Town, Local FoodMargherita’s Restaurant offers up good food and comfortable rooms for sleeping with high ceilings and space. The cupola is a good lookout and breezes there are plentiful.

ProjectWoo, El Gigante, Nicaragua, Surfing, Volunteering, Homestays, ImmersionProjectWoo on the hill overlooking El Gigante. This non-profit offers surfers an opportunity to give back to the community. I experienced Project Woo first hand and documented my experience in a Project Woo Homestay here.

Full Moon, Moonrise, Clouds, DuskMoonrise on Playa Gigante, another day in the neighborhood.

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