Horses, Mules, Farm Animals, Vashon Island, Animals, Pets, Black, Woods

A Visit to Vashon Island

I write/photograph/blog for a couple of web/blogsites, one being an online design magazine: and another a travel blog geared towards solo women travelers: The Flying Salmon. It is always beneficial to my time management when I can come up with ways to combine topics or experiences to cater to both audiences. I am finding that writing and photographing the community the home resides in provides for an interesting background about the design and when built in an appealing destination, I have material for a nice place to spend the day as well as share a bit about how people live there.

The homemakers I have met have been excited and passionate about their home creating process. Second Use has been my resource for homes built with Salvage, a passion and focus of mine from my design and construction past. It is so much fun to hear the back story to the hows and whys a place came to be their own. And to see the innovative details people come up with to express their personalities and the ways they utilize their spaces.

This past week-end, I took a trip over to Vashon Island to shoot a home called the Salsa house. I have lived in Seattle 11+ years and I have never explored this close by island. The home resides on a large property that abuts parkland. I was introduced to all the creatures that reside there. The first day was wet, so I scheduled to return to the Island to shoot the exterior and decided Vashon would be a lovely place to explore for my next Flying Salmon post. Time goes fast when you are shooting a beautiful property and you are in the company of incredibly hospitable clients. I’ll be returning to the island tomorrow to capture more images of wineries, and horses, main streets with old town flair and labrynths!Goats, Vashon Island, Grass Eaters, Farm Animals, PetsMy new friend tried to head butt me through the fencing.

Horses, Mules, Farm Animals, Vashon Island, Animals, Pets, Black, WoodsHorses and Mules live next door.

Bones, Fields, Deer, Dead Animal, Sacrifice, EatenThere is a back story here that will require more investigating.

Bees, Farms, Vegetable Garden, Honey, Beekeeper, Hives

The beekeeper was busy with the bees.

Sunshine, Long Grass, Fields, Sunlight, Golden GlowSunlight and long green grass made for a golden glow.

Out House, Potty, Shed, Toilet, WC, WoodsA cute little structure in the woods.

Swing, Red, Love, Porch, Hangin outA pretty place for hanging around.

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