RetHarrisonSFX adds Glam to Glamour Days

Ret Harrison SFX brings her talent to Mary’s Place to share with the ladies and Glamour Days. I asked Ret to select her favorite images from the shoots she has collaborated with us on. Here are her choices and her comments:

I like this one because it highlights her amazing smile. She has brilliant eyes.

She had a mysterious side but also a bright, vibrant side. She kept talking about the makeup she did in the 60’s so I did that style on her. In green to match her shirt!

I love this photo because it highlights her beautifully classic features. All I did was highlight them for the camera.

She had a limp and scars, but as soon as she got in front of that camera, she was a super model! So much fun to work with. And just a natural beauty.

Thank-you Ret for contributing your time and talents, we are looking forward to more ‘Glam’ on future shoots!

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