Beautiful, Beautiful, Cousins.

Alright I may be a bit biased but I really do have the most beautiful cousins. It is always such a treat when I get to see them as everyone lives far and away. It is nice to have good excuses to visit appealing travel destinations, Chicago, Perth, San Diego, South Africa. I wrote a post back in May 2011 The Things I Love and Miss about 21 Griswold Road about my memories of the times I shared with them when we all lived in the same country and city for that matter. I am grateful for the milestone events that bring us back together like Adam and Cori’s wedding recently in Palm Springs. I sat with my Aunts and Uncles and Skyped with my cousins in Perth and South Africa, some of whom I have never met in person, not yet…….And I had the opportunity to meet my gorgeous new cousin Michaela who took her very first plane ride to attend the wedding. Beautiful cousins are having more beautiful cousins! And that means beautiful models! Here are some images of Michaela, some funny images of the wedding captured with my fisheye lens and some more formal portraits of family as well.






Brothers and Sister (minus Auntie Sue)


Pretty details and good sports.


The view at my table.

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