Glamour Days!

In March of 2011, I started a photography portrait project as a volunteer effort. It all began when I reached out to a homeless coordinator I had connected with on facebook. We had the intention of providing family portraits to families transitioning out of homelessness and into housing. The original iteration can be found here: The project has morphed and changed and taken on a new life with the help of the wonderful people and resources at a Women’s Homeless Shelter in Belltown; Mary’s Place. The goals are similar, if not the same: to provide homeless women with a keepsake to share with their friends and families, a reminder of their significance, their impact and beauty and to provide them with a few hours of fussing and glamour. I have been astounded by the natural beauties I have encountered here. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to photograph these women of strength and character in their time of transitioning and reclaiming their lives. Here are a few images from the shoots at Mary’s Place with more posts to follow! The next shoot is scheduled for tomorrow.

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