Construction – Ethiopia

The scaffolding here is amazing, long wood poles and many of them thankfully are used to shore up concrete floors and to create ramps! and exterior scaffolding. The wood structures create amazing exoskeletons on the buildings under way. Concrete block is used alot. As is typical I have found in Africa there is a shortage of cement and this usually means projects are held up until the next batch comes about.

the photograph on the upper left corner is scaffolding around one of the lalibella churches. I believe it was for restoration, a number of the rock churches had structures built over them to protect them from erosion. More about the rock churches can be seen here: I inquired if local architects, engineers or laborers were used for the protective structures; apparently all were hired by Unesco. The photograph below that is of an industrial steel structure. Then just some random concrete block and concrete construction projects that dotted the landscape. Lots of building and infrastructure going in a round addis abeba.

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