Tigist Aman – NFAL Program Facilitator

Tigist Aman is one of two Non Formal Adult Literacy program coordinators. She has been working at Desta Mender for one year. Originally from the Jijiga region. The NFAL consists of a 5 part curriculum. First the women are assessed for prior knowledge and then grouped accordingly. 1. Knowing myself 2. My life of opportunity 3. Let me try out 4. My winning strategies in life 5. Ensuing sustainable livelihoods. If a women entering the program has some prior experience, she may take some selected courses to fill the gaps or if she has a very good attitude she could go right into the Livelihood program. The livelihood programs consist of different kinds of training. Once or twice a month, educational visits are planned for training or observation of other NGO’s or HIV programs with developed small business practices, for example, by visiting an organization of handicap people producing handicrafts, the women can see their accomplishments and start to realize they can do this too. Through help with ANFEAE http://www.anfeae.org/, the business models at Desta Mender include: 1. The Juniper Cafe 2. Dairy 3. Poultry 4. Organic Farming 5. Tailoring. These businesses support operations at Desta Mender, the women are set up with a bank account where they learn to deposit enough to cover rent and expenses. Women also learn handicrafts at the Hamlin Fistula Hospital and benefit directly from the proceeds.

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