The Hamlin Fistula Hospital Ethiopia

My first post on the Hamlin written in Addis:

Today is our third day working with the Hamlin Fistula Hospital. On Monday morning, our group walked 100m from our hotel to the hospital to meet with Mark Bennett CEO, he presented the history, goals, challenges, and outreach programs of the hospital. The hospital is an oasis in a busy urban setting. The street our hotel shares with the hospital is bustling with min-vans, pedestrians and buses, kicking up plenty of dust as they rush on by. The hospital is made up of small buildings, some rondavel style and some long and linear with porches, sited amongst a lush and beautiful garden, with green grass and indigenous trees and flowers. There are a few sweet well cared for dogs milling about, greeting the guests. Here the patients are brought to receive treatment, recover, and start the journey to healing and to reclaiming their lives. We toured the various wards, visited the physio therapy center, and the crafts area where patients are taught new skills and learn to be independent and self-sufficient. In the physical therapy center, patients retrain their bladder muscles to respond when they are full.

Yesterday while eating breakfast at our hotel I met a group of South African doctors  also staying there who have come to the Hamlin Fistula Hospital to train. They specialize in fistulas that occur during C-sections. We were all surprised thinking C-sections are the solution but they are often performed too late. I was scheduled to talk to two different doctors at the hospital but due to meetings and many visitors I was limited to an hour in the afternoon with Professor Gordon Williams.

My focus will be the Reintegration and Retraining programs at Desta Mender (Joy Village).

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